Location, Schools, Curb appeal

“Location, location, location” is quickly being replaced with the phrase,
“Schools, schools, schools.”
The West Valley is one of the quickest growing regions in the United
States. Why? Good schools!
• First-rate elementary schools strengthen and energize neighborhoods.
Buyers with children seek vibrant communities, rigorous curricula and
excelling teachers.
• Good schools inspire more family-friendly amenities like playgrounds,
parks, pools, and hiking trails.
• Districts boasting higher test scores and smaller class sizes result in
desirable communities. So much so, that these houses sit on the market
for less time and command higher resale values.
Safety? Neighborhoods with good schools tend to have lower crime.
Heavier fines for breaking the law near schools are a deterrent, and police
patrol school zones more often.
Most important? Cleanliness. The pride of home ownership shows and curb
appeal is significant in areas where buyers target good schools.
Supporting lower teacher-student ratios, after-school sports and
clubs, and maintaining funding for exceptional educational programs
benefits us all.
As a vested resident, small business owner, husband, and father of two
children in public schools, I encourage your support for the Liberty
Elementary School District M&O Budget Override.
Martin C. Sears PC
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